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Now teachers can easily plan entire lessons, units and courses in Teams, using the power of Microsoft Assignments.


Planning by Haldor is the easiest way for teachers to plan lessons, units and courses and create engaging syllabi in Teams with Microsoft Assignments included. This user-friendly planning tool gives teachers and students a comprehensive overview of plans, assignments and assessments – all in one tab.


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With Planning by Haldor teachers can easily:

  • Integrate and organize existing or new Microsoft Assignments in unit plans, lesson plans and course plans.
  • Create their own courses with customized course goals, learning outcomes and knowledge rubrics, as well as courses with pre-set course goals, learning outcomes and knowledge rubrics.
  • Review and assess both Microsoft Assignments and plans in the same tab, based on course goals, learning outcomes and knowledge rubrics.
  • Plan lessons, units and courses for all students in a team or for selected individuals.
  • Create immersive and interactive pedagogical plans with embedded material such Microsoft Sways, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Forms, YouTube videos and much more to encourage learning.
  • Get a summarized overview of all assessments which makes it easy to see if learning outcomes are being achieved, simplifying end-of-term grading.
  • Integrate the OneNote Class Notebook in plans to further facilitate communication with students.
  • Share plans, assignments and assessments with students.

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Getting started

Want to start planning with Planning by Haldor? In our knowledge bank you’ll find films and support materials to get you planning instantly.


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