Haldor Administration

Haldor Administration is a user-friendly, administrative tool that helps teachers spend less time on administration and more time with the students.

Haldor Administration makes it easy for administrators to handle users, roles, access, permissions and much more in Microsoft Teams. With the access to Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) administrators can create individual schools, and add teams, teachers and students in an Office 365-environment.

Haldor Administration enables you to create Haldor Education accounts for parents or legal guardians and link them to one or more students at one or more schools. Haldor Administration also makes it possible to delegate the administrative rights of a school to a local administrator so that person can handle the schools teams and users (teachers, students, legal guardians).

Haldor Administration offers a visual overview of schools, teams and its members – something other student registers that are synchronized to Azure AD using SDS don’t have. Haldor Administration is also the easiest way to manage accounts for legal guardians.

Haldor Administration makes it easy for you to:

  • Create and manage schools

  • Create and manage teams and link them to specific schools

  • Create and manage users (students, teachers, mentors and administrators)

  • Link users to teams and schools

  • Add a local adminstrator to a specific school

  • Create and manage legal guardians and link them to students

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